Bill 208

Addressing the bill no. 208

Note from Ian:

How Carbon Pricing Will Impact You

As a former Minister of Environment, I have an in-depth understanding of the requirement of carbon pricing as part of the pan-Canadian framework, and next year Nova Scotia will need to comply with an increase of carbon price by $15 per tonne. While Minister we convinced the federal government to accept a system that added 1 cent per litre by demonstrating the actions, we took in the electricity sector.

During the fall sitting of the Legislature, I spoke at length on Bill No. 208 Environment Act (amended) and how the passing of this legislation will result in an increase of 10 cents per litre in the form of a carbon tax. This is because the province is leaving it to the federal government to price carbon for consumers.

The sitting government by passing this legislation has removed cap and trade which protested consumers from the carbon tax while fighting climate change. Now that Nova Scotians have lost the benefits of a cap-and-trade, the cost of gas, diesel, and propane costs will increase for all Nova Scotians while at the same time reducing the funding available for the Green Fund.

Watch the video clip of Iain addressing bill no. 208