Chebucto West Community Health Board Wellness Grants

The Chebucto West Community Health Board announced this year’s wellness fund grants to not-for-profit groups who are passionate about their communities and are working at the grass root level to ensure communities are healthy within their own community.

Seniors Care Grant increase

The Seniors Care Grant helps seniors cover the costs of a range of healthcare and household services, including physiotherapy, medication and grocery delivery, phone services, and home repairs.

Green Choice Program Regulations

The Green Choice Program will allow large energy consumers in Nova Scotia to apply to the program and new renewable energy projects built to meet their energy needs.

Have your say: Shape Nova Scotia’s Protected Areas Strategy

Nova Scotia’s natural wonders are counting on us, together we can ensure that the landscapes we cherish remain vibrant and untouched for years to come. Contribute to Nova Scotia’s future by participating in the Protected Areas Strategy survey.

The Rankin Report: August

I am concerned for the residents in our community who have suffered from the recent flooding and have been working with Public Works to repair critical infrastructure and assist residents with disaster assistance relief claims.

Nia Summit for African Nova Scotian/Black youth

The Nia Summit provides African Nova Scotian/Black youth the opportunity to take part in an event created by their peers, one that addresses their unique needs, amplifies their voices, and facilitates community-building.

Disaster Financial Assistance

Support for small businesses, non-profits, and residential property owners and tenants who have suffered uninsurable damage or loss from the July storm flooding can apply for financial assistance until October 31st.

Provincewide state of emergency

A provincewide state of emergency was declared on July 22, in response to the severe flooding that happened across the province on July 21 and will remain in effect until August 5 or until government terminates or extends it.

Ted Rogers Community Grants

Ted Rogers Community Grants are available to registered charities and non-profits to support youth through programs in education, health and sport, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy.

Community Economic Development Fund

Non-profits, industry associations, social enterprises, municipalities, academic institutions, and other organizations that benefit the public can apply for funding.