Seniors Care Grant increase

Seniors can now apply for the annual Seniors Care Grant program, which helps with expenses that allow them to stay in their homes longer and improve their quality of life. To qualify, Nova Scotians must be 65 years or older by March 31, 2024, live in a home they own or rent, and have an annual household income of $37,500 or less.

This year, the grant has been increased to $750 from $500 and now includes home heating as an eligible service. Also, seniors who previously opted in to receive the seniors care grant when applying for the property tax rebate for seniors will need to submit a separate application for the grant beginning this year.

The grant helps seniors cover the costs of a range of healthcare and household services, including physiotherapy, medication and grocery delivery, phone services, and home repairs. The grant may also be used for home heating costs, such as furnace oil, natural gas and electricity.

Eligible services

Eligible household and healthcare services and home heating costs include services that help you stay in your home including:

  • cooking and meal preparation (excluding the cost of food)
  • grocery and meal delivery (excluding the cost of food)
  • healthcare services for your health and wellness (like foot care, physiotherapy and mental health support)
  • home heating (like furnace oil, natural gas, propane, firewood, wood pellets and electricity)
  • home heating repairs and regular heating maintenance
  • home cleaning, organizing and help with downsizing or moving
  • laundry
  • medication and prescription delivery (excluding the cost of medications and prescriptions)
  • outdoor work (like driveway maintenance, landscaping, lawn care, snow removal, stacking wood and tree removal)
  • phone, cellphone and internet services (excluding the cost of devices)
  • small home repairs (like windows, doors, roof, plumbing, electrical, decks, fencing, siding and painting)
  • transportation (like taxis, ride shares, shuttles and other methods of transportation) and public and community transit (like the bus, Access-A-Bus and ferry)

Ineligible services

Ineligible household and healthcare services include the cost of:

  • devices (like phones, cellphones, computers, laptops and tablets)
  • food
  • medical and assistive devices (like eyeglasses, dentures, dental implants, braces, orthopedic supports and personal alerts)
  • medications, prescriptions, supplements and vitamins

Apply online now

When you apply online you need an email address. The Seniors Care Grant emails you if it needs more information to process your grant.

Print applications are available at Access Nova Scotia Centres and MLA offices.