Otter Lake Landfill update

On November 30, the PC Government allowed deactivation of the FEP/WSF to proceed despite calls from myself and my colleagues, in opposition, to halt these changes.

A memo from HRM said the following:

It is anticipated that deactivation will take approximately two to four weeks to implement. Deactivation amounts to pausing the FEP/WSF operation, including maintaining the facility such that operations can be resumed if needed.

The Municipality and the facility operator, Mirror Nova Scotia Inc. (Mirror), submitted a Compliance Plan to NSECC on June 29, 2022. The Compliance Plan was prepared in response to the requirements of the updated Municipal Approval for Otter Lake issued by NSECC on March 22, 2022, allowing the FEP/WSF to be deactivated upon acceptance of the plan. The Compliance Plan has been updated twice in response to comments received by NSECC – on October 26, 2022 and November 21, 2022.

All project information, including the Municipality’s letters and revised Compliance Plan, can be found on the project web page.

Residents may contact for any concerns or questions regarding the project.

I continue to encourage you to contact your local councillor if you are concerned with the removal of the sorting line.

The contact information for the three local councillors are:

Councillor Patty Cuttell, District 11

Councillor Iona Stoddard, District 12

Councillor Pam Lovelace, District 13